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Shower room of shower room core parts strip

Time: 2013-12-30 16:45:06     
Shower room strip quality lies in the quality of raw materials and processing technology of the control.
Shower room USES a self funded research and development of hard and soft material formula, whether in the cold winter, or in the hot summer, the elasticity of the strip, hard and soft bottom have no obvious change, in order to detect the quality of the strip, not only will strip in the freezer under 0 oc 1200 hours, more than 60 oc in the oven to 1200 hours, observe the change of the strip, adjust the corresponding formula, finally arrive at a suitable for northern winter weather and adapt the hot summer in southern raw materials formula, the best PVC strip is the present domestic shower room, its weather resistance, anti-aging properties, such as more than the industry standard.
Shower room in design adopts unique formula, resistant to ultraviolet light, hardy not cracked, flexibility, strong, long service life, etc. High quality strip can be achieved between shower room and wall and door waterproof leakage, fully guaranteed while the water tightness of shower room.
The design of cheap shower room only wall materials before and after the adjustment, it is hard to fix the tilt implementation of metope perfect watertight. Common shower room is in such as local, NL, NS series products have a lot of manufacturers don't even have a strip, using the glass glue processing, easy to cause the black mould are like. Common shower room retaining water in the bottom of a door on the processing of strip also does not have good design often appear slack phenomenon, as well as of a manufacturer of shower room design open the door with spring hinge, hinge parts need to cut the strip processing strip from top to bottom is not a whole, hinge parts leaking in severe cases. Always this, cheap shower door sealing strip and sealing strip quality process is very poor, transparency is not good, more impurities, easy aging rupture, short service life.