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How to choose the family the partition of bath room

Time: 2013-12-30 16:45:27     
Now family life level is higher and higher, a lot of families in the home to install the shower room. Shower room can be divided into the overall simple shower room and shower room, shower room is more expensive, generally can not be customized, and rich in the design of simple shower room, at the end of artificial basin based on the installation of plastic, wood or glass partition board can form a shower room. Toughened glass partition have several to choose from, there are ordinary tempered glass, water ripple of toughened glass, toughened glass cloth and other material, in choosing a shower partition should pay attention to compare which is better.
When choosing to pay attention to the following:
(1) to identify materials. Partition material difference is very big, the quality also has the very big difference, bad tempered glass there is a lot of hidden trouble in security, although toughened glass and common glass that look different, but in toughened glass after crushing will become granule, so as not to hurt people, when choosing to pay attention to the certification CCC mark.
(2) the colour and design should be coordinated with the whole shower room style. Shower room generally have one word, circular arc and three kinds of diamond. Many people tend to choose transparent toughened glass decoration, so with the surrounding environment is tie-in, can give a person the sense of open, clean, and at the same time increase the toilet light pass. Of course, the choice of material is also associated with a particular interest, some people like to type of glass cloth, such opacity to add a little sense of security.
(3) not covet petty gain when buy, but should than qualitative comparison. To purchase with the manufacturer name and address in detail and product certification, choose whether to pay attention to the brand in the industry have a certain reputation.
From the selection to maintain, generally starts from three aspects. First of all to have more than one whole bath concept, the so-called whole shower room, simple is independent, portable shower room. A lot of people are simple toilet on the floor of a small brick wall, the purpose is to make a corner bath place, or is to use glass door in the bathroom across the area of a bath, etc., will only feel disadvantages with these methods. And truly independent function mobile whole bath room now provides modern people with a lot of solution.
Now the overall shower room is not only beautiful, and fine workmanship, more and more design and style of the consumers to choose. As people to the requirements of the bath is increasing day by day, and the overall shower room also provides a variety of functional options. For example, set the hydraulic massage, steam, sauna, etc for the integration of multi-functional intelligent computer shower room, let a person really have to enjoy five-star level.
Followed by the overall safety performance shower room, this is the shower room is very important. At the same time in the choice of, don't only consider the design of shower room or the function is all ready, is more of a need to put the safety performance in the first place. Think about every day bathing place, if there are all kinds of potential safety problems, is too demanding. Like wei yu the threshold is too high, wet floor and fell, children, older people use are not very convenient.
Many overall shower room is made of glass, from the Angle of safety and durability that if choose better strength of toughened glass shower room. In addition, after the purchase, it is best to ask factory to provide professional on-site installation services, ensure it will not damage.
The last is the overall maintenance of the shower room. Because the shower room is a relatively closed space, so people often ignore its cleaning and maintenance. Hardware small parts of nursing, in particular, it is and the overall shower room clean is as important.
Shower room is made of toughened glass, all kinds of alkaline bath long-term erosion will make the glass of shower room attached yellow on the scale. Clean, you can spray on special glass cleaner, and then use dry cloth to wipe after can return to the previous light. Don't need any detergent cleaning, avoid its service life.