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Guangdong shower room survival guarantee excellent quality

Time: 2013-12-30 16:45:47     
Shower room in bring us convenient life at the same time, with also brings us some trouble, the trouble is that the quality of the product, buy a lot of consumer family has a shower, but because of these things is to be used every day in our life, and use frequency is very high, so some once the quality of the product defects, is inevitable, one way or the other accident brings great influence to people's life, so the quality of shower room is the life of the production and development of shower room, if there is no perfect product quality and good after-sales service, it is very difficult to gain a foothold in the cruel market competition.
As an emerging industry, guangdong is the shower shower room housing market share is very important, but as a market access threshold is low, the product quality problem has become an urgent need to solve the problem, also formed a vicious competition environment, the price war play more and more fierce, the value of the brand virtually have also been some damage, this is a very unfavorable factor for the development of the enterprise, so the country should be a specification for shower room products, to develop a standard, industry consolidation, the shower room industry on the orbit of a benign competition ability
Plus shower room will be expected to keep up with The Times development, the development of low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving products, and some energy-intensive products obviously has not adapted to the demand of The Times, is also in the future must be eliminated by the market, so powerful enterprises also must increase new product research and development efforts, this is both an opportunity but also a challenge.