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1.Sha le man bathroom equipment factory: located in the east of the world, sanitary ware ceramic hometown: foshan
2.Sha le man bathroom was established in 2001, along the way, have you accompany, trials and hardships, accompanied by you. For more than ten years of wind and rain hard into, have more than one hundred dealers, Sally LeMan is only one belief, that is concentration, focus, professional, become experts shower room.
3.With more than ten years professional shower room of precipitation and accumulation of practical experience, research and development design. Can be tailored according to different specifications and all kinds of occasions.
4.Products all use toughened glass, (through the ISO9001 certification and 3 c certification) and high quality aluminum alloy materials (ISO9001) manufacturing.
5.Leading in the industry, the most unique design, after installation without a glass glue: there are black, anticorrosive, anti-fog, waterproof lamp function.

6.Wheel design: imported bearings and polyformaldehyde material, with high abrasion resistance, compression, mute function, open and close freely.